Self-publishing Starter Kit

I’m looking for reviewers for my latest project.

Called the Self-publishing Starter Kit, the product is a bundle of three separate lectures: a self-publishing overview, a video on strategic market planning and a third on converting a manuscrpt to an ebook. What I’m interested in is getting reviews for the course which consists of the lecture bundle. It’s available at and has a fee. If you’re interested in watching the lectures and writng a review (good or bad) let me know and I”ll get you into the course free by sending you a 100% discount coupon.

As a reward for participating, once the review is posted, I’ll send you a complimentary ebook copy of my new book How To Self-publish and Market a Book.

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  1. Shawn Klimek

    Hi Hank. I’d be interested in reviewing your course, but my personal focus is on self-publishing. I have ambitions of publishing e-books and paperbacks in the future, but my immediate aim is to publish a hardbound, illustrated book of poetry. Do you publish under your own name or create a DBA? Should I be apprehensive about putting my address online or in the book? (is it better to get a PO Box?)


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