Bad Mind

My friend and fellow author, Karen Cavalli, has a new book!

Called Bad Mind, this non-fiction book explores unusual phenomena.  Here is the book blurb:

Quantum physics, black holes, astronomy… we often ponder and deliberate these topics across all social stratums, our workplaces, places of worship, and on social media. We are confident that a discussion of these subjects will not produce a round of derision from our peers. But what if we asked our co-workers about their encounters with otherworldly beings? What if we asked our friends if they have ever had contact with an alien?

In Bad Mind, Karen Cavalli explores the possibility of extraterrestrial beings and what that means for us in this world. As she details examples from her life and others she has encountered, she lays out for the reader what it means to have an encounter with spirit and how it can guide us to a deeper understanding of our reality.

You can get a copy on Amazon

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One Reply to “Bad Mind”

  1. Karen Cavalli

    Thanks, Hank! The book features interviews with individuals who’ve had encounters with the paranormal or the other-worldly. They struggled to find the words to describe these experiences and feared ridicule if they spoke of them in everyday, casual conversation. I learned encounters with the other-worldly are not as uncommon as I once thought, which echoes something writer Robert Damon Schneck said in a 2014 interview on Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader: “I believe if someone did an ‘honest census,’ going door to door asking people if they had had encounters with the supernatural, I believe many would say yes.’”


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