My newest project: helping writers and authors


I belong to two local writing groups and several more groups such as you can find on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

I’ve found that most writers seeking help fall into one of three categories.  The first is writers trying to learn or improve the craft of writing fiction.  The second is authors seeking to self-publish a book for the first time and the third is authors trying to market their book.

I’ve been writing fiction for over twenty years and I’ve self-published more than twenty-five books and I’ve marketed those books.  My point is that I have the expertise and experience to help the three types mentioned above.  The question has always been: How can I do that?

After thinking about it for quite a while, I finally found a solution.  I started the Writers & Authors Resource Center abbreviated as WritersARC.  The site is a place where writers and authors can come to find answers and get advice.  It has articles, checklists, questionnaires, ebooks, book samples, on-line courses, webinars and much more.

The motto I developed for site is: Sharing knowledge is more important than making money. 

However the website is expensive to maintain so I charge reasonable prices for some of the content. Speaking of content, there is currently thirty products on the site and more is planned.  Major components are listed below.

Current on-line courses are:

  • Plot+Scenes = Emotional Arc
  • How to Self-publish and Market a Book
  • Mind-mapping a Novel
  • Fiction Writing Topics
  • Self-publishing Starter Kit
  • Story Design

Personal Instruction Courses include:

  • Writing Satire
  • Fundamentals of Book Marketing

Planned webinars include: Let’s Talk About Self-publishing in January and Book Marketing for Beginners in February. More webinars will follow in the succeeding months.

Planned future courses include Story-telling Techniques and Book Marketing Fundamentals

To learn more about the site, watch this short video.

The Writers ARC is a members only site (to reduce the threat of trolls), but membership is free.  There is a companion Facebook group (since the main site doesn’t provide   a way for members to communicate).

One major problem with a new site like this is getting found by the people who can use it.  So if you know someone who is in one of the three categories mentioned above, please share this post or the main website link, Writers & Authors Resource Center.  

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