Fundamentals of Book Marketing

Writing a book and getting it published doesn’t prepare an author to market that book. ┬áMarketing and writing are two very different endeavors. ┬áSo what’s an author to do?

The best way to begin marketing your book is to get a mentor to help: someone who has been through marketing campaigns. That’s my job. I’ve self-published and marketed over 25 books.
To help out authors who are just starting the marketing process for their book, I created a Personal Instruction Course called Fundamentals of Book Marketing. With a Personal Instruction Course it’s just you and me.
This is an email course and each day for ten days you will receive an email containing a lecture. Many of the emails also contain an assignment for you to work on to hone your marketing skills. You can email me with any questions or comments you have.
Fundamentals of Book Marketing addresses the following areas:
  • Author platform
  • Marketing content
  • Marketing activities
  • Book reviews
  • Events
  • Publicity
  • Advertising
Why wait? Get started on your book marketing campaign now!


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