It’s a blizzard of free samplers!


It’s a common problem: you see a book or an online course that may help with the problem you’re experience. and you wonder if it’s worth spending money on.

What if the contents are just regurgitated material you’ve read or watched a dozen times? What if clicking on the link leads to scammer?
In recognition of this issue, I’ve created free samplers for all my books and online courses. A sampler allows you to taste the product without spending money. The sampler has content from the actual book or course so you can see exactly what you’re buying beforehand. If you like the material in the sampler, you can then buy the complete product, at a discount!
The Writers & Authors Resource Center has a number of samplers available and I’ve listed them below along with a link to grab a copy.
Fiction Writing
Book Marketing
Looking for something different? Let me know what it is and I’ll try to develop it.
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