Faux News Network is Back!

Now that the world has reverted back to a modicum of sanity, Faux News Network is able to pick up where it left off four years ago. 

Once again we will make up news story to satisfy your urge to read alternative realities. 

{Name withheld on advise from counsel} Publisher. 

Local News Reporter, Lois Nosey filed this report for Atlanta, Georgia. 

This morning, I interviewed Colonel Jammy, ‘Big Shot’  Livingston, a member of the Georgia General Assembly.  I asked the Colonel why the Assembly passed such strict voter laws.

“Well, Missy, we desperately needed election reform laws to prevent a reoccurrence of what happened last year.   Back then, we Republicans had two fine upstanding candidates for the Senate.  Both were defeated by the low-life, sleazy Democratic candidates.  And one was a black guy, if you can credit that.   Obviously, something had to be done.  What’s the point of being in power if you can’t tilt the scales a bit now and then. And that’s exactly what our reforms do.  They tilt the election scales just a tiny bit to even out the playing field   Personally, I don’t see why you reporters and all those folks in Washington are getting upset by our Assembly tinkering with a few regulations.” 

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