New Review for Business Basics for Authors

The just-published revision of the book picked up a 5-star rating


Very useful guide for new authors who want to increase their sales through an effective business plan. The author explains in a simple, complete and attractive way, the aspects to take into account, the pitfalls, omissions or errors that can have a great impact on an author’s career: Sindy Castellanos

The book description reads:

Do you have a published book? Do you know you now own a business? “Business Basics for Authors” describes the operations required to run your book business
The book is written in plain English, not business techni-babble

Once you have a book published, you own a business.The purpose of the business is to market and sell your book. The implication is that you, the author, can’t make ego-driven decisions: the decisions must be business-driven. While you’d rather be writing another book, still, you have to acquire the basics of operating a business.
Just because you now own a business doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. It’s a matter of understanding the business issues involved.
In this book, you’ll learn:
* Business basics
* Tax issues
* Budgeting
* Profit & Loss
* Additional resources
* What other authors say

The book is available at:


Barnes & Noble


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