WritersARC Re-launch

The Writers & Authors Resource Center has re-launched with four new membership plans.  There is one for fiction writers, one for self-publishing authors and a third for authors seeking book marketing help.  The fourth membership plan combines the last two.

These new membership plans have an annual fee, but in return, you get access to all the products now listed in that product category.

The Fiction Writing Membership is $35/year and gives free access to over $60 in products

The Self-publishing membership is $25/year and provides access to $34 in products

The Book Marketing membership is $25/year.  In return you get access to over $34 in content. 

The combined Self-publishing & Book Marketing membership is $40/year.  In return you have access to over $65 in content

In addition, all memberships will give access to additional exclusive future content such as articles and webinars.

The link to the Membership page is: https://www.writersarc.com/writersarc-membership


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