Review: Business Basics for Authors

My latest book just received a glowing review from the prestigious Midwest Book Review.

Business Basics for Authors emphasizes to authors that they aren’t just creative spirits by being writers—they are actually running a business that requires the business sense provided in this how-to guide.

The purpose of this book is to review the basics in a user-friendly manner that will appeal to writers who have little economic or business backgrounds.

Hank Quense cultivates a non-technical, almost chatty tone as he explains why so many authors fail to see their books get attention: “I believe a major reason that authors fail to sell books is because they don’t think like a business owner. Businesses use highly developed marketing plans to introduce a new product to the public. These businesses do that because it has been proven to work. Many inexperienced authors use a shotgun approach to marketing (when they do any marketing!). Their efforts are without a focus and are piecemeal instead of continuous. In other words, the marketing proceeds without a plan to direct the activities. Most often, the author business, too, will be without a plan.”

The focus is on the business of making a book accessible, gaining publicity for it, and handling the basics of keeping track of business income, expenses, and goals.

Chapters do more than generalize about these facets. They provide specific references to computer programs, organizational techniques, marketing strategies, and methods of business promotion and management which offer the nuts and bolts of success.

From identifying customers and competitors and handling both to assessing business resources and even starting one’s own publishing company, all the basics are provided for marketing both author and book.

Another added benefit to this discourse is that it doesn’t just stem from Hank Quense’s own experiences. Other authors were consulted on how they managed their book business, what were the most important challenges they faced during the process, and their successes and failures at being an author.

Their answers, combined with Quense’s advice, makes for a how-to guide that will help budding authors navigate the process of turning a book into a business pursuit, avoiding many common pitfalls along the way.

Business Basics for Authors is highly recommended reading for any writer new to the business, or who faces a wall of problems getting their work into print and on the public’s radar.

Diane Donovan: Senior Reviewer

Business Basics for Authors is available from Amazon and other ebook sellers


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