Publishing and Marketing Books

Self-publishing and marketing a book isn’t as easy as the web implies it is

These books are written to address this problem.

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Are you considering self-publishing your first book?


Naturally, you have questions and concerns.  This book has your answers.  It integrates both the publishing and the marketing to provide you with a complete project plan to market your book while you publish it.BB

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Book Marketing Fundamentals: Available October 1, 2020

Don’t try to market your book without finding a mentor!

Imagine developing a detail marketing plan for your book.
What if, you had an experienced author to guide you marketing plans?

Author Hank Quense has self-published and marketed over 30 books. He’s written and marketed both fiction and non-fiction. He also lectures and holds webinars on self-publishing and on book marketing.



This book will show you how to produce a quality book package to hold your quality book content. Hank Quense has self-published over 25 highly-regarded books and knows the pain points and the pitfalls of both the publishing and marketing processes.

The Prequel edition contains valuable information and let’s you taste the full edition.

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Business Basics for Authors

If you’ve published a book, you now own a business. This book contain insights and advice on how to run that business.
Authors need to know the basics of operating a business and they can find them here. This book explains business planning, tracking revenue and expense, profit/loss calculations, break-even analysis and more. It offers a no-nonsense explanation of business basics, told without the usual techno-babble.