Beelzebub: a Memoir

I read Mark Cain’s new novel and gave it a 5 star review.

Here is the review I write:

Mark Cain’s new book, Beelzebub: a Memoir is a departure from the previous five novels in the series. In those, condemned souls are the main characters. In the new one, Beelzebub and Satan are the main characters. The new book continues the snappy dialog and humor in the previous stories. It also provides a new slant on a number of historical events. The book starts with Creation (it’s not what you think!) and ends in modern times.

If you enjoyed books like Good Omens by Gaimen and Pratchett or the Management Style of Supernatural Beings by Tom Holt then Beelzebub: a Memoir shold be your next book.


Check out my interview with Mark:


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“…a bit of humor and fantasy combined is a fabulous mix for any reader who is looking for something a bit different.” Shani K

My new novel now has 11 reviews and a 4.4 star rating on Amazon.  Here’s some more of this latest 5-star review: “I thought the story was fun and creative. I’m glad I snagged this book and look forward to reading about the other worlds the author builds. Fantastic!”

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