Birthday request

My next birthday is in August.

This year, I want book reviews posted on Amazon. Posting also on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble and other sites will be appreciated.

Go to my Amazon page to see the books currently available.
Pick a book you want to read and let me know what it is and what format you want (epub, mobi, pdf) and I’ll send you a complimentary review copy.

Send the request to hanque99 (at) gmail (dot) com

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New courses available

My school at now has three courses available.
Enrollment is easy and free.
The first course teaches kids, 4th to 7th graders, how to creare a short story.  The title is FIction Writing Workshop for Kids. You can find it here:
The second course is called Self-publishing Mini-course.  It provides an overview of the self-publishing process.  The link to it is:
The third course is Creating Stores.  It provides an overview of how stories originate.  It defines the story design and story-telling elements that all story creators use. Find it at this link:
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Beelzebub: a Memoir

I read Mark Cain’s new novel and gave it a 5 star review.

Here is the review I write:

Mark Cain’s new book, Beelzebub: a Memoir is a departure from the previous five novels in the series. In those, condemned souls are the main characters. In the new one, Beelzebub and Satan are the main characters. The new book continues the snappy dialog and humor in the previous stories. It also provides a new slant on a number of historical events. The book starts with Creation (it’s not what you think!) and ends in modern times.

If you enjoyed books like Good Omens by Gaimen and Pratchett or the Management Style of Supernatural Beings by Tom Holt then Beelzebub: a Memoir shold be your next book.


Check out my interview with Mark:


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