Padlet is a web site that I love.

It’s the most innovative web page I have ever come across and it’s a site that triggers my creativity.  I’ve made a number of Padlets (as the pages are called) and her are descriptions and links to my favorites.  I’m always thinking about creating more Padlets.

Zaftan Troubles: a Padlet that covers my sci-fi/fantasy series.

Q&A with Hank Quense: a tongue-in-cheek set of questions (and answers).

Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids: a sampler for my ebook of the same name.  Try it out with a free story workshop.

Creating a Story: help for newbie fiction writers.

Story Design: Help with developing characters, plotting and more.

Story-telling Skills: Techniques to hold the reader’s attention.

Strange Worlds Publishing Organization Chart.  I hire nothing but top talent.

Montclair Write Group Samplers: Anthologies of new and emerging writers.

Moxie’s Journey: a princess in Camelot:  More about my favorite character