SWOT Chart Ebook

The Writers & Authors Resource Center contains four individual SWOT analyses.

They detail the situation facing inexperienced writers, first-time self-publishing authors, authors marketing their book and authors dealing with basic business issues.
I have grouped all four SWOT charts into a single ebook and it’s a free download.

You can get your copy here.

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Book Marketing Fundamentals

My latest book is on track to become available on October 1, 2020

Book Marketing Fundamentals contains a comprehensive inventory of essential marketing tasks and explanations on why you should use them and how to use them.  The book is written specifically for first-time authors searching for a way to market their book.

It will be available in ebook and paperback editions.

Here is the Table of Contents:


Chapter 1:  Getting Started

Chapter 2: Platform

Chapter 3: Marketing Content

Chapter 4: Marketing Activities

Chapter 5: Book Reviews

Chapter 6: Events

Chapter 7: Publicity

Chapter 8: Advertising

Chapter 9: What Other Authors Say

Chapter 10: More Stuff

Chapter 11: About the Author

Chapter 12: Index:


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I’ve started a new project: webinars.


Using the EZTalk website and software, I’ll be presenting live webinars about once a month.  The first topic is How to Self-publish and Market a Book.  It will be a free 2-part lecture.  The details are:

Part 1: June 23: 1:00PM  Click here to register

Part 2: June 25: 1:00PM Click here to register

Future webinars will cover:

Writing satire

Mind-mapping a novel

Converting a manuscript to an ebook

Book marketing fundamentals

and other topics


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New Udemy Classes

I now have four lectures available from Udemy.  To introduce the course, I”m offering limited time deep discount that will expire shortly.

The four courses are:

Plot+Scenes=Emotional Arc:


Regular price: $19.99.  Sale price: $13.29

Use this link to enroll at the reduced price: https://bit.ly/2N9H8hj


How to Self-publish and Market a Book:

Regular price: $29.99.  Sale price: $15.19


Use this link to enroll at the reduced price: https://bit.ly/2uqvQPg


Self-publishing Starter Kit:


Regular price: $19.99.  Sale price:$13.2

Use this link to enroll at the reduced price: https://bit.ly/2T3dtdH


Story Design:

Regular price: $29.99.  Sale price: $15.1

Use this link to enroll at the reduced price: https://bit.ly/2QD3Q3O

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Creating Stories: Two New 5-star Reviews

My book Creating Stories has received two new five-star reviews thanks to Booksprout

I found this book interesting and offering a lot of great information on what I need to help me get my story out of my head and onto paper.  Excellent guide. Patricia Eroh


Hank Quense is the successful author of several series, and shares the rules of writing from perhaps the best, in my opinion, viewpoint. He knows what sells. He reminds us that our primary job as a writer is not to record egotistical spewage (my word), but to entertain, inform, and maybe educate the reader. So he shows how to write in such a way that readers actually want to keep reading. That’s exactly what I need.

This is not a grammar book, by any means, but an accessible discourse on how to best use the medium of written language to connect with an audience.
And I truly appreciate his use of so many personal experiences, and examples of how he applied the principles he shares.
This statement sounds so very wrong, but this was the first textbook which was actually fun. Ghostriver

Creating Stories is available in both ebook and print book editions:

Barnes & Noble

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Video Lectures Available

Two new video lectures are now available at Udemy.

One is called Story Design.  It’s for people who wish to master the craft of fiction writing.  Story Design covers character development, building a plot, story setting, scenes and much more.  The trailer will provide more information.  You can watch here.  The course is located here.

The second lecture is called Self-publishing Starter Kit.  It contains four short lectures covering the following topics:

  • Self-publishing overview
  • Formatting a manuscript for an ebook
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Scams

You can watch the trailer here. The Starter Kit course is located here.


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How to Self-publish and Market a Book

This is my latest book and it will be published on Sept 15.

It’s non-fiction and I have to say writing a novel is much more fun that writing a non-fiction book.

The ebook is available for pre-order at a reduced price of $2.99. After 9/15 the price will increase to $4.99. It’s available for pre-order at Amazon

https://amzn.to/2Zbrx54 and Barnes & Noble https://bit.ly/2Y2rewE

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: 6 Months Before Launch

Chapter 3: 5 Months Before Launch

Chapter 4: 4 Months Before Launch

Chapter 5: 3 Months Before Launch

Chapter 6: 2 Months Before Launch

Chapter 7:  Launch

Chapter 8: Post-launch

Chapter 9: Your Book Company

Chapter 10: Additional Resources

About the Author



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The King Who Disappeared: new review

“…a bit of humor and fantasy combined is a fabulous mix for any reader who is looking for something a bit different.” Shani K

My new novel now has 11 reviews and a 4.4 star rating on Amazon.  Here’s some more of this latest 5-star review: “I thought the story was fun and creative. I’m glad I snagged this book and look forward to reading about the other worlds the author builds. Fantastic!”

Available in print and ebook editions:






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