Publishing and Marketing Books

Self-publishing and marketing a book requires skills and knowledge that most authors don’t posses, especially new authors.

The books in this series are written to address those problems.

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Self-publishing a Book

Planning on self-publishing a book? Uploading files to a packager isn’t the entire scope of work. That’s actually the easiest task, but there are many more necessary tasks to be done.. This book explains the entire self-publishing process. It breaks up the publishing process into four timeframes starting four months before the availability date. This spreads the workload into easy-to-manage chunks. The book describes the complete process necessary to self-published a book.


Marketing Plans for Self-published Book

Publishing a book is only part of work. The marketing work also has to be done. That’s the part most authors don’t understand or like. This book can help.
If you published a book or plan to publish a book and if you don’t understand the need for building a marketing plan, or if you don’t know how to develop a marketing plan, this book explains it all. It contains a ready-to-use marketing plans that will have you marketing your book in no time.





Business Basics for Authors

If you’ve published a book, you now own a business. This book contain insights and advice on how to run that business.
Authors need to know the basics of operating a business and they can find them here. This book explains business planning, tracking revenue and expense, profit/loss calculations, break-even analysis and more. It offers a no-nonsense explanation of business basics, told without the usual techno-babble.