Falstaff’s Big Gamble Freebie!

My novel about Hamlet and Othello is free for a limited time.

Described as “Shakespeare’s worst nightmare” it changes his two greatest tragedies into comedies.  The story takes place in a fantasy land called Gundarland where Hamlet is a dwarf and Othello is a dark elf.

The ebook is a free download at:


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Video Lectures Available

Two new video lectures are now available at Udemy.

One is called Story Design.  It’s for people who wish to master the craft of fiction writing.  Story Design covers character development, building a plot, story setting, scenes and much more.  The trailer will provide more information.  You can watch here.  The course is located here.

The second lecture is called Self-publishing Starter Kit.  It contains four short lectures covering the following topics:

  • Self-publishing overview
  • Formatting a manuscript for an ebook
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Scams

You can watch the trailer here. The Starter Kit course is located here.


Book Marketing Prioritization

So you’ve done some research on marketing your new book.  What you’ve found is a bewildering array of possibilities demanding an endless supply of money.

What ones should you use?  What ones should you ignore?  Obviously, not all marketing tasks are created equal, so the question comes down to this: What marketing tasks should you concentrate on?

Here is my answer to that question.  If you have limited time or money to spend on marketing, make sure you do the following:

  • Identify the customers for the book
  • Get a webpage
  • Develop a set of keywords
  • Write a book blurb 
  • Join Goodreads and request book reviews in the Goodreads group
  • Join LinkedIn and request book reviews in the LinkedIn groups
  • Write a short synopsis: 

A neat thing about this list is that, with the exception of the webpage, all these tasks are free.  All they require is the investment of your time.

Let’s talk briefly about each item. 

Identify the customers:  This isn’t as simple as it may initially appear.  For instance. if you wrote children’s book, you may assume the children will be your customers.  Well, you’re wrong.  Kids don’t have money of credit cards.  The customers for your book will be the parents, grandparents and family friends.  If your book is a romance, don’t try  to sell it to readers who like adventure stories.

Get a webpage: In the 21st century, people shop on line.  You need a webpage to showcase your books.  There are a number of choices and you’ll need to do some research on this issue.

Develop a set of keywords: When people shop on line they won’t use your name or book title in search boxes because your unknown (so far!).  The shoppers will use keywords like fantasy or adventure.  They will also use keyword strings like fantasy adventure or colonial romance. 

Write a book blurb: a book blurb and a short synopsis are not the same thing: they are two very different animals.  A book blurb is a marketing tool that will try to interest readers in the book, rather than retelling the story in a short synopsis.

Join Goodreads:  Once you sign up find the groups who specialize in reviews and post a request for your book

Join LinkedIn:  Same with LinkedIn.  Start an account and join a few groups.  Post a notice asking for reviews.

Write a short synopsis: Keep it to a single page.  Use it for blog posts.

 This material is extracted from my book How to Self-publish and Market a Book which has much more material on this issue. Here is the book blurb: 

Are you considering self-publishing your first book?  Naturally, you have questions and concerns.  This book has your answers.  It integrates both the publishing and the marketing to provide you with a complete project plan to market your book while you publish it.

The book is available at:

Amazon:  https://amzn.to/2Zbrx54

Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/2Y2rewE

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/949789

Kobo: https://bit.ly/2ltLzbU

And other online book sellers

Self-publishing Starter Kit

I’m looking for reviewers for my latest project.

Called the Self-publishing Starter Kit, the product is a bundle of three separate lectures: a self-publishing overview, a video on strategic market planning and a third on converting a manuscrpt to an ebook. What I’m interested in is getting reviews for the course which consists of the lecture bundle. It’s available at https://bit.ly/2lMHAHD and has a fee. If you’re interested in watching the lectures and writng a review (good or bad) let me know and I”ll get you into the course free by sending you a 100% discount coupon.

As a reward for participating, once the review is posted, I’ll send you a complimentary ebook copy of my new book How To Self-publish and Market a Book.

How to Self-publish and Market a Book Now Available

Are you considering self-publishing your first book?

Naturally, you have questions and concerns.  This book has your answers.  It integrates both the publishing and the marketing to provide you with a complete project plan to market your book while you publish it.
Most books on publishing deal with publishing by itself. Most books on marketing deal with marketing as a stand-alone project.  I think there is a better approach.  Publishing and marketing should be considered as an integrated project. That is what this book does: it treats publishing and marketing together to create a complete project plan.
The ebook is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble , Kobo and other ebook sellers.
A print version is planned and will be available soon

How To Self-publish And Market a Book

This ebook is now available

It seems like there are a hundred books on publishing and many more on book marketing.
Does the world really need another one?
The answer is ‘yes’ because this one is different.

The problem with the current publishing and marketing books is that they treat publishing and marketing as two completely separate concerns.  Their thinking seems  to be, ‘after your book is published, grab a book on marketing, read it and start doing it‘.  The reality of the publishing world is that the marketing has to be done in conjunction with the publishing.  That means if you ignore the marketing until after you publish the book you’ve lost valuable marketing time.

Publishing and marketing should be considered as an integrated project. That is what my new book does; it treats publishing and marketing together to create a complete project plan.

The book is available on:
and many other ebook sellers


How To Effectively Use Beta Readers

In a blog post on Elizabeth Craig’s website, I discussed beta readers.  They are a vital step in the process of developing a quality book.

You can read the post here:

The material in the post came from my new book How to Self-publish and Market a Book.


Keywords: how to use them

Below is a link to an article about keywords.  It’s taken from my new book How to Self-publish and Market a book.