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A new section of material is now available on Writers & Authors Resource Center.

The main page for this content is located here

Lectures consist of all the slides used in the lecture plus the speaking notes (or script, if you like). Together, they form a valuable tool about the subject of the lecture.

Workshops consisted of a series of text lectures.  Originally, the workshop was designed to emailed out one per day for one or two weeks. Now you get them all at once, or read them one per day.  It’s your choice how you want to use them.

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Character Drift

Has this ever happened to you while writing your novel? 

One of your characters starts off as a nasty young man, but somewhere in the middle of the story, he slowly changes into an indifferent one when he should still be nasty.  I call this character drift.  It happens a lot for a variety of reasons and it’s real problem, especially, the nasty character has to be nasty at the climax.  If this character is no longer nasty, the climax has the potential to fail.

I created a character spreadsheet to help prevent this drift. The more characters the story has, the more valuable this aid is.  The spreadsheet is much larger than what is shown in the graphic below.

Check it out here: http://hankquense.org/wp/writers-and-authors-resource-center/guides-and-checklists/


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Writers and Authors Resource Center

I’ve been writing fiction for over twenty years, I’ve been self-publishing for more than ten and I’ve been lecturing for at least ten years.

During that time, I have gathered a lot of experience, and gained some expertise in fiction writing and publishing. I’ve also accumulated a lot of material relevant to fiction writing, self-publishing and book marketing.

I have often thought about creating a library of some sort and collect all his articles, lectures, books, videos and other material under on a website where writers and authors looking for help could find.
I’ve finally done it!

I created a separate section on his website for all this material. It’s called Writers & Authors Resource Center. The main page is at http://hankquense.org/wp/writers-and-authors-resource-center/. It has links to all the other pages.

Check it out and see if there is something you need.  You may want to bookmark this page because more content will soon be added.

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