WritersARC Organization Chart

In the graphic, you can see how the Writers and Authors Resource Center is organized.

The content is aimed at specific groups:

  • Fiction writers looking for help.
  • Authors struggling to get an understanding of self-publishing.
  • Authors trying to market their book, whether self-published or traditional published.

Not all the content in the graphic is yet available.  Additional material will be constantly added.  Visit the home page for more details and content links.

The Notion Website is an auxiliary website for the types of material not suitable for a WordPress site. Kanban style boards and databases are examples


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Birthday request

My next birthday is in August.

This year, I want book reviews posted on Amazon. Posting also on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble and other sites will be appreciated.

Go to my Amazon page to see the books currently available. https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B002BM76IE
Pick a book you want to read and let me know what it is and what format you want (epub, mobi, pdf) and I’ll send you a complimentary review copy.

Send the request to hanque99 (at) gmail (dot) com

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