Story Design Lectures

Do you have one or more ideas for a story but aren’t sure what to do with it?  

Learn how to develop your idea into a story with author Hank Quense. During his Story Design series of lectures you’ll build your characters, create a plot, design the scenes and more.  After completing the student assignments, you’ll be ready to write the first draft.

Best of all, the lectures are discounted by over 40% for a limited time. Use this link to grab the discount:

Topics covered in this lecture include:

  • Determine the setting
  • Develop your characters
  • Build a plot
  • Learn to design scenes
  • Link the plot and the scenes to build an emotional arc
  • Put it all together

After using these topics to develop your story, you’ll be ready to write the first draft.

This story design process can be used on any type of story.  It can be used to develop a short story, a novel, a script, a play and even a memoir.  After all, each of these types really is just a story, and all stories use the same story design elements.

Bring your story ideas along and let’s work on it together!

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Kids Workshop Review

Here is a new review for my Fiction Workshop for Kids.

It was posted on Amazon in Canada and on Goodreads by Susan’s Reviews.  She gave it 5 stars.

This workshop provides middle school children with a simple, step-by-step approach to creating and developing a short story. All aspects of storytelling – plot, character, scene building, etc., are covered in the various chapters, which have interactive videos to guide the young writers as they write their sample stories.
Useful online worksheets are provided so that the young readers can develop future storylines without having to read or listen to the workshop again, if they don’t want to keep repeating the workshop for each new story they develop. I found this workshop informative and easy to follow, and the videos broke up the written word so that the short attention spans of young workshop writers will be redirected back to the task at hand. This workshop provides all the basic tools to create a full and interesting story, and the author provides and analyzes his own short story at the very end to illustrate how to use the various work boxes.
I highly recommend this workshop, which should prove effective to teach young writers on how to create their own short stories.

This interactive ebook is available on iBooks  and Kindle

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