Guides and Checklists

This page contains material that can help control your writing, publishing and marketing projects.

These spreadsheets have been moved to

Strategic Marketing Planner:

Marketing has to start with a strategic marketing plan.  This planner can be used to record your answers to the questions in the plan.  It even has a column of anti-answers.

Book Marketing Planner:

This spreadsheet can be used as a planner and a checklist to control the marketing plans for your book.

This planner is relevant to authors in the following situations:

  • Your book was put out by a publishing company
  • You self-published your book and it is currently available
  • You plan to self-publish your book but it isn’t yet available.

Book Launch Checklist:

This checklist is specifically design to help control a self-publish and book marketing project. Although the checklist can be used by itself, it was designed to supplement the material in How to Self-publish and Market a Book.


Cast of Characters Worksheet

You can use this spreadsheet to keep track of the characters in your story.  Keep it handy when writing a scene.  It has the information you need to write consistently about the characters. Readers don’t like you when you change the color of the character’s eyes in the middle of the novel.