Project Plan: Self-publishing & Marketing a Book

Are you struggling to stay in control of your publishing project?

And what about the marketing? You can’t simply ignore that stuff?  What you need is a process that will allow to control and monitor your progress as you move forward to the launch date.

My Kanban board on the Notion web site does exactly that.

The board is a template that you can duplicate to use on your project.

Based on How to Self-publish and Market a Book, the template breaks up the many tasks involved into time frames in order to prevent overload.  The board allows you to see what tasks are getting worked on, what ones are finished and what ones haven’t been started yet. It lists over 40 tasks required to publish and market your book the ‘professional way.”  The board even indicates which tasks will require funding.

This template may be just what  you need to get your publishing project under control.

Note: You’ll need a Notion account to use the board, but the account is free. The screen shot shows a small part of the Kanban board.