Lecture: Self-publishing & Marketing a Book

This lecture series consists of two two-hour sessions. During the sessions, a complete six-month project plan is laid out.  The plan self-publishes and markets your book.  The six-month interval is used in order to spread out the workload.

Each of the two sessions consists of multiple short lectures.  Typically, for each project interval (such as 4 month tasks), there is a series of slides covering the publishing tasks and another for the marketing tasks.  Each of the short lectures is a pdf file and there is a total of 16 pdf files.  Organizing the lectures this way allows the user to complete the project in small steps.  Each pdf file consists of an image of the slide and the speaker’s notes providing an excellent tutorial (complete with speaker typos.)

A sample pdf file is shown below.

The complete lectures, slides and notes cost only $15. Delivered to your device via email.