Udemy Classes

There are a number of lectures available for you to chose from.

Fiction Writing:

Story Design: Covers the development of characters, plots, scenes, setting and more

Story-telling Techniques: Hold the reader’s interest and keep her turning the pages https://bit.ly/38TFUz6

Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids: Teach 4th to 7th graders how to create a story https://t.co/qZEMipzOoi?amp=1

Plot+Scenes=Emotional Arc:  An emotional arc is an essential element to the story https://bit.ly/2QXHJ76

Mind-mapping a Novel: Control the development of your novel. https://bit.ly/2JRiqAv



How to Self-publish and Market a Book: An integrated approach to publish and market a book. https://bit.ly/2Fu5K09

Self-publishing Starter Kit: Get started on the right track. https://bit.ly/2N5EYQ0