Fiction Writing Topics

The problem

There is a lot to learn in mastering the craft of fiction writing.  Some useful techniques are seldom discussed in writing books.  This series of short videos will address that problem.

What to expect

This course cover five topics.  The videos are on YouTube and these links will take you there.
  • Insightful issues: The video discusses several important issues that must be resolved by the author.
  • Stimulus & reaction: Stimulus and reaction is the smallest bit of action in the story. It is often done incorrectly leading to a reader’s confusion.
  • Scene design: Scenes are the building blocks of the story. They have to be designated to fit into the overall story. Scenes also have mandatory elements.
  • Story setting: Story setting is a vital element in any story design. It allows the readers to build images in their minds about the story. This greatly enhances the readers’s enjoyment
  • Dominant reader emotion: The Dominant reader emotion is the emotion you want the reader to experience whenever the character is in a scene. It’s an important part of the story development.