Video Course: How to Self-publish and Market a Book

Self-publishing and Marketing a Book

This course presents an integrated approach to self-publishing and book marketing.  It contains a complete project plan that unfolds over six months ending with a published book.
The course is based on the highly rated book with the same name.

The Problem

Self-publishing a book for the first time is fraught with anxiety.  And then there is the marketing. What’s an author to do?
Get a mentor is the best answer and that what’s this course is about.  I’ll be your mentor.  My integrated project plan will guide you though both the publishing and marketing phases of launching a new book.

What to Expect:

At the conclusion of this course, you’ll have a complete project plan integrating both publishing and marketing. Your plan will cover pre-launch, launch and post-launch activities.

This online video course is offered through Udemy.  You can enroll here.


A review by author Mark Cain: 
The course provides welcome guidance for the writer who has never before self-published. It really delivers on its promise to help the newbie by demystifying the process. This is not the first Hank Quense offering I’ve examined. One of the things I appreciate about his approach is its “step by step” character. He ticks off all the major, and some minor, tasks for publishing and marketing, gathering them into a simplified timeline (6 months before publication, 5 months, etc.) that is easy to follow and to employ with your own manuscript.
A book review by Canadian author Joylene Butler:
The thing to know about Hank Quense’s “How to Self-publish and Market a Book” is you don’t have to be a self-published author to benefit from reading it. I’ve been traditionally published three times, yet what I learned reading Mr. Quense’s fabulous little book this summer made the daunting task of marketing my novels so much easier. Because unless you’re on the best seller’s list, traditionally published doesn’t mean you don’t need to promote yourself and your work everywhere. When they say the easy part is writing the novel, they aren’t kidding. It’s the responsibility of every author to know their stuff. Reading this book will educate, prepare, and organize the essentials required. Do yourself a favour, grab a copy!  5 stars