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I just found the first Amazon review for my new book. It was the Amazon site for Germany

Pat Garcia:  5 stars

After many nights of revising your manuscript, it is now time to put it on the book market. That’s the hardest part. I know because I am going through the process at the moment. You can’t sell your book alone, and that is what this book is all about. It takes authors like you and me who are new kids on the block and teaches us step by step book marketing fundamentals that we need to help us succeed.

I like this book because the author not only writes about marketing, but he gives you the tools you need to work with—for example, the book marketing spreadsheet. You don’t have to sit before a computer program trying to figure out how to construct a chart because he offers you his at no expense. All you have to do is send an email to the address that is in the book.

Of course, he talks about your objectives and budgets in the marketing plan, but I am finding out that it forces you to get to know your book thoroughly and get to know what you’re competing against.

As a new kid on the block, getting ready to self-published my first short stories, this book is coming in handy. It has shown me things that I thought I knew but did not know, and I am glad I bought it.

The book is available in ebook and print editions.  You can get copies at:


Barnes & Noble




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