Zaftan Troubles

A First Contact story with a difference: aliens meet fantasy creatures!

An alien mining ship discovers a planet loaded with rare earth minerals.  The aliens, known as zaftans, plan to fill their ship with the mined minerals.  Unfortunately, the planet is inhabited by intelligent beings: humans, dwarfs, elves, halflings and other fantasy races.  But what could possibly go wrong with a simple mining operation on a planet with primitive natives?

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Contact: Book 1:


After scanning the planet and determining the presence of rare earth minerals, the zaftans negotiate with the government for permission to mine the minerals.  The aliens vow to respect property rights and not damage any property. Can aliens be trusted?




Confusion: Book 2:

Afterwards, the zaftans deploy robotic explorers to search for minerals.  The robots trespass on private property and also destroy some property.  A local gem miner, MacDrakin, uses his battle axe to destroy one trespassing robot. More robots are destroyed by yuk chieftain after the machines survey his tribal lands  

Uh-oh!  This isn’t going the way it was planned.



Combat: Book 3:

Enraged by the loss of valuable robots, the zaftans protest to the government officials who send a telegram to the local constable ordering her to protect the robots.  The constable can only watch as MacDrakin, after destroying a second robot, gathers warriors and declares war on the aliens and their machines.

Can the aliens be defeated?



Convolution: Book 4:

Four high-ranking ministers are dispatched to the rural area.  Two are intent on achieving peace and two have other agendas.  The ministers arrive just in time to observe a crucial confrontation between MacDrakin’s ragtag forces and the technologically advanced aliens.

Now what will happen?




Sam: Book 5:

Three hundred years later: Sam is an new type android, one with an organic brain.  Assigned as an ensign on a gundie battle cruiser, she is disturbed to realize she can experience emotions.  Her primary emotion is loneliness until Slash 9, the ship’s main computer, befriends her.  Can an android and a computer experience love?  How about marriage and sex?  While battling a zaftan fleet?




Klatze: Book 6:

Klatze’s a low-ranking naval officer in the zaftan navy.  She’s determined to win advancement through talent and ability rather than the traditional method of assassination.  Beautiful, she comes to the attention of the fleet commodore, Gongeblazn.  After she refuses to have sex with him, Gongeblazn’s lust turns to thoughts of vengeance.

Can Klatze survive the attacks of a crazed assassin?



Gongeblazn: Book 7:

Gongeblazn is jailed through an inspired bit of treachery.  Eventually he escapes, steals a ship and turns to space piracy.  On his travels, he comes across Sam, now a stew-bot for a cruise line and Klatze, now a fleet commodore.  Gongeblazn makes one last attempt to pay back Klatze for refusing to have sex with him.  

Will Gongeblazn succeed this time?