Looking for something to read that doesn’t cost money?

This page has free books in both fiction and non-fiction categories.

Mini-Collection of Short Stories

Download an hour of solid entertainment!  Three of my best short stories available now in one download. The previously published stories.

Saving the Shore: have you ever wondered what happened to the Ring-bearer’s descendants? This story will fill in some of the blanks

Lucy in Love: Lucretia Borgia and her dad, Pope Alexander VI are back on earth. In Manhattan! Sent by Satan, their mission is to increase Hell’s market share of souls.

Sponsored By… describes the problems faced by an Army captain as he struggle to keep his rifle company from getting overrun by armed felons.

Download a copy here: Mini-Collection


Chapter One

Ready to read some humorous stories? How about satiric stories?
My new book Chapter One provides all that and more. And it’s a free download! It gives you a chance to sample all of my fiction books. You can read the first chapter (or more) to see if the novel strikes your funny bone.

Download a copy here! Chap 1


Strange Worlds Recipes

Are you tired of cooking the same old same old?  Do you crave new and exciting recipes?  Are you searching for exotic flavors and cuisine?  Your quest is over!



If you’re searching for something different to cook for dinner then this cookbook is what you are looking for.  It contains sixteen recipes from Gundarland and Zaftan 31B, both of which are in a parallel universe not too distant from our universe. Learn what elves, dwarfs, trolls and even the zaftan aliens eat and enjoy.

You can grab a free copy here! 

So, You Want To Be A Writer!

Any time you start a new endeavor, there is a learning curve. When you graduate from college and start a job, there’s a learning curve. Enter a trade school and you’ll be on a learning curve for the entire term. Want to take up knitting as a hobby? There’s a learning curve for that.

So too with writing fiction. It has a learning curve. That’s what this book is about: the learning curve for fiction writing.

You can download a copy here!