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Creating Stories

You have a story to tell.  Let it out!
Imagine developing a story and telling it in a way that will keep the readers turning the pages.  Hank Quense, the author of more than a dozen highly-regarded novels, shows you how to do it.

In the book, you’ll learn how to:
* Develop imagery the reader can use
* Build well-rounded characters the readers will relate to
* Create a path through the plot cloud
* Develop an emotional arc to keep readers on the edge of their seats
* Write dramatic and effective scenes
* Employ story-telling techniques to hold the readers’ interest
* and much more

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Fiction Writing Workshop For Kids

This interactive ebook shows grammar school and middle school kids how to go about creating a short story while having fun.


Three separate story worksheets are included along with complete instructions shown in short videos clips. Most suitable for grades 4 through

Since this ebook is interactive (i.e. it contains video clips and audio tracks along with graphics), it is sold at iStores: and Amazon



So You Want to Be a Fiction Writer

Any time you start a new endeavor, there is a learning curve.

When you graduate from college and start a job, there’s a learning curve. Enter a trade school and you’ll be on a learning curve for the entire term. Want to take up knitting as a hobby? There’s a learning curve for that.

So too with writing fiction. It has a learning curve. That’s what this book is about: the learning curve for fiction writing.

You can a free copy  download a copy here!